Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't judge us. We're tourists.

We were really excited about the swanky hotel the airline put us up in for our last night in Cusco.

My cheese empanada.

So...we had to make a few pitstops at the store to buy Coke and some delicious chocolate cookies that you definitely can't find in the U.S. Still miss those cookies.


Our friend Julie who lives in Lima introduced us to this Peruvian artist who makes gorgeous colored wood figurines in her home. They are sold around the country, but we got to meet her and see where she makes them, then buy figurines at less than half the cost they are in boutiques! 

We basically bought one of everything. 

We also got to stop by the Lima temple, which was beautiful.

We ate lunch in the temple cafeteria. Everything was delicious except this weird jello-dessert thing. That face is genuine - didn't know my sister was taking the picture.

Here I am asking for directions, pretending like I speak Spanish. I was a pretty good faker.

The ocean!

And...more shopping. We shopped. A lot.

I actually really wish I had bought this hat. Especially considering how cold it's been here lately...

Water was a hot commodity!

More random Machu Picchu pictures...

Another theme of the trip - being dead tired. I love my mom.

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Tori B said...

I really wish you had bought that hat, too.